Granite Countertop Upkeep

Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC:
All-natural stones, such as marble and granite, have grown rather fashionable for use in kitchen renovation of high end condominiums and designer homes. Granite and marble have quickly become a favorite alternative over the old-fashioned laminates, vinyl or man-made countertops which are out-of-date. Given that granite and marble is comparatively expensive and labor intensive to install, people may be worried about properly taking care of its looks.

Granted granite is stronger and more long-lasting than marble, it is chemical resistant and can withstand greater temperature levels. Granite can be stained but it is far less porous than marble. Marble is also softer than granite, and more vulnerable to heat and chemicals. Even citrus fruit juice or vinegar can induce damage to the surface.

The first step is to safeguard the product with a stone sealer prior to it is installed. It is also recommended to use a sealer every year. Sealants are readily available in a spray or liquid type and the treatment is typically really simple. Read the label on the package to make sure it is ideal for your countertop and abide by the guidelines for use.

There are a number of cleaners primarily designed for natural stone countertops to keep them appearing like new for generations ahead. Refrain from using other purpose cleansers; they might be less expensive, but some of them can result in damage to the surface. Clean up spills quickly to avoid having to use a harsh cleaner or scrubbing cloth.

Though a granite countertops is heat resilient, scratch and break resistant and relatively stain resistant when appropriately sealed, care should be taken to quickly wipe up spills and avoid putting hot pans directly on the surface. Your natural stone countertop may be extremely sturdy and abuse-resistant, but that does not mean it is abuse-proof. Keep in mind, you took a good deal of time to choose the layout, you paid good money for the installation and you take pride in the aesthetics and elegance it has added to your kitchen. So, take good care of it so it sustains a new look for generations to come.

Fireplace and Granite Distributors of Charlotte offer professional granite countertops installation and maintenance. They have two different types of sealants available for use with granite countertops: 15 year Sealant and a Lifetime Sealant. Both sealants will help preserve the integrity of new granite countertops. Most granite countertops require sealing every 3 – 4 months, depending on use to adequately protect the countertop from stains and daily wear and tear. They also offer a long-term sealant to protect a granite countertop for 15 years — no additional sealing needed. Or, choose their Lifetime Sealant and NEVER have to seal granite countertops again. The lifetime sealant is applied through a 7 – 10 step process. Both sealants can be applied within 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the countertops.