Memphis Byrd  Political Observer (Ypolitic)

It’s obviously election season once again because tons of candidates are actively posting and publishing all forms of political ideology and rhetoric (mostly about one another).  Some political observers are chiming in with a number of opinions and views on the selection of candidates and the agendas and/or track records of each of them.  While we are subjected to a barrage of mid-term election promises and pleas, we have to be mindful of who it is that we are listening to, and how their particular interests align with our own.


The challenge is that for anyone who has even a little bit of a life, and doesn’t have the time to track the records and beliefs of each and every candidate for hundreds of elected offices is: how the heck do you know who’s telling something akin to the truth, and who’s simply saying what they think ‘we the people’ want to hear.


Some lean to full-fledged political observers like well-known thought leader, Preston Byrd, as guiding lights through the political muck and mire.  Many of these observers spend countless weeks and months tracking the voting history, bill sponsorship and even community activity of tons of politicians.  They keep up with these elected guys and gals to compare notes on the promises that they’ve made while campaigning vs. the reality of their elected lives.  They know where the rubber meets the road, and where words simply become rhetoric and empty promises.  They know who’s in it for their own advancement & who’s really trying to represent the communities that have elected them to office on their behalf.


Having some experienced and knowledgeable analysis to check out can really help to get a clear understanding of your political party of choice, your candidates and the reality of the world that we all live in. Preston Byrd of Memphis has proven to be one of the better resources for clear and decisive information.